Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Explain Thinking

What the worshipers of Jesus the Messiah believes and teaches based on the writings that have been authorized as being inspired by God: this is Christian guidelines of belief.  Establishing guidlines for belief is not the only activity of the Christian assemblies.  The Christian assemblies are to worship God and serve their fellow human beings.  The worship and service transform individuals, and in turn transforms communities.  The act of loving is the greatest act over any other act that the assemblies of God engadge in.  It is not faith, nor is it the determining of guideline standards (doctrine).  The Assembly is more than a place to get teaching.  The Assembly's faith, hope, and love all express themselves in teaching and profession.  The meaning behind our religious ceremonies is greater than the ceremony itself.  Preaching avoids a focus on the Bible as old writings with dated information, and focuses on discovering what the writings teaches people.   The assemblies of Christ would not have any focus of direction unless it had set guidelines to follow for how it is to worship.

Christian beliefs are of the greatest importance, and should not be taken in a relaxed manner, because within them there is contained a knowledge that can give a person a means of avoiding an eternal state of death.  Christian teachings give an individual the knowledge to obtain a continuious life extention.

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