Thursday, September 11, 2008


Consciousness remains an indefinable concept, the exact way the mind and body react to human’s sensations, feelings, and emotions. Humans cannot fully master the definition of this.

I hold to Creationism, not Evolution. The arch of human existence for the Creationist - I hold to the belief that the Earth and our universe is ancient, I can accept billion years concepts into my Creationism – goes from the “image of God” creation of man, then into a declined state of existence. For the Evolutionist, the human existence arch is one from a decreased existence level, then to a continual incline towards a highly modified monkey, that at some point achieved this high degree of consciousness making them a human.

With the Evolutionist model of the human existence, anything that can progress into a level of high consciousness on par with a human (I’m really hitting at AI here), what does so needs to be treated with the ethics endowed to a human.

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