Monday, August 18, 2008

Christian Transhumanist Declaration

(1) Humans will be radically changed by the advances of technology as time progresses into the future. It is feasible that the human species will be able to alter their designs with every increasing ability. Actions such as extending life expectancy, intelligence of our own minds and those that we create, controlling psychology, and our life dependence on the planet earth, have the potential to be altered.

(2) A Christian perspective should be debated and formalized off of the developing social trends new technologies create. This should be done from sound scholastic research data and the framework of morality that the Christian Bible directs.

(3) Christian Transhumanists know that society will embrace new technologies that will create scenarios that will be difficult to reconcile with their religious teachings. Therefore, it is better to consider social alterations from technology, and come to a position that can handle correctly such changes.

(4) Christian Transhumanist promote technological development within the moral framework of the Christian Scriptures. Humans have the right to use technology to enhance their biological makeup to a certain extent. The extent to which redesigning one’s own biological makeup should be restrained within the line of thought of considering the well-being of one’s fellow human.

(5) It is most probably that latest advances of human enhancement technologies will be developed for military usage first before the private sector of a society acquires them. Cautious use of technological advancement needs to be considered, and prohibitions need to be set as best to protect human life.

(6) The direction of technology needs to be debated, and declarations of positive and negative usages of it need to be made.


Brent.Allsop said...

Sounds very similar to what we at the Mormon Transhumanist Association is working on.

I Think we should work together.

Brent Allsop

Sybil said...

Question: overall, don't you regard transhumanism, as being in harmony with Christianity? Of course some specific technological
applications won't be, and should certainly be viewed as threats by anyone, Christian or otherwise. I certainly share your fears regarding military applications for one. But overall, don't you think that it is in agreement with the Christian outlook? I'm thinking of Teilhard de Chardin's work for instance.