Monday, August 18, 2008

The Church is Dead - R.I.P.

The church enters into simulated teleportation congregations. According to a Slate article The Chick-fil-A Church Pastor Stanley has implimented 3D holographic technology into teleporting himself into other locations than where his physical body is.

With this transition, and the development of satilite churches where the congregation goes to church to watch the pastor on a screen in a different location, the local church is not needed.

It is time to begin to build churches that are completely void of any facility gathering structure. If a pastor can now impliment a holographic video system for a substitute for actually being in person at the service, then the next step is to have 24/7 access to a sermon at any location a holographic video can be recieved.

There will be a backlash and an antitechnology trend in churches, but at the same time there will be pastors that move forward with holographic technology.

It is time to build holographic cyber churches.

For more information on holographic video systems, then read: Practical Holographic Video.

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