Sunday, August 10, 2008

Christian Transhuminist Declaration (4)

(4) Christian Transhumanist promote technological development within the moral framework of the Christian Scriptures. Humans have the right to use technology to enhance their biological makeup to a certain extent. The extent to which redesigning one’s own biological makeup should be restrained within the line of thought of considering the well-being of one’s fellow human.


Phillip Torres said...

Hey... very interesting site. "Christian transhumanist" is an intriguing combination of ideas -- I'd like to hear more about it. (Feel free to email or post on my blog.) Also, I wrote a longer, more comprehensive and (I hope) more compelling critique of transhumanism at this site:
Please check it out, and -- if you'd like -- critique my critique. Take care!

Phillip Torres said...

The link, as far as I can tell, is unreadable. Alternatively, you can go to my blog and find the link under the Aug. 10th post. Later!