Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brief Statement

A lot of transhumanism is essentially a belief system that could be called a "Heaven Now" organization.

I personally am a lover of technology, and love seeing the advances of it - and know the dangers of it as well - it seems that we maybe arriving where Technology can provide the liberation from death. Once this becomes the real fundamental premise for pursuing technology, it does cross over into being a religion in that it becomes a savior model. Science fiction sometimes helps the advancement of mankind, but some elements remain simply fiction. Transhumanist are serious about making their fictional concepts a reality, and I am in agreement with some of their objectives. However, I really think that if technology advances to the levels that they want to see, that they will find themselves under an ultimate control force that is not democratic, but more totalitarian than any system of control that has emerged on earth. If this projection is the real trajectory of a lot of these ideas, then salvation from death, or salvation from an ultimate controlling force would have to come from something beyond the material world.

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