Saturday, August 16, 2008

Technology and the Curse

Without going in to strict detail, the advancement, while not being a straight line in development, seems to be an innate characteristic of humans; and from the biblical perspective this seems to be the result of the “Fall”. I will explain.

To some extent - some people may be more dogmatic in this area than I am - the human mind is reflective of God. In the Old Testament some men were referred to as gods. Well, regardless of Christian thought anyways, everyone seems to agree that the human mind has an incredible power to think, some more than others. One characteristic that we know Adam to have had was immortality. So, we might assume that his mind was flawless, and stronger than any human mind since.

Do to the sin of Adam and Eve a curse was brought upon the man, the environment, the woman, and the snake. Alright, now with the curse being enacted, we have difficulties with all facets of life. The first thing that God did after kicking Adam and Eve out of the garden was to provide them with animal skins. Apart from an assortment of theological typologies that are contained in that act, the skins provide the now fallen first humans with a protective covering – whether it be from the sun or the cold. With this we have our first technological invention.

As the book of Genesis begins to kick off, we get tools and buildings starting to come about, and acknowledgement in the advancement of them. The human mind might not have had the Scientific Method at this time, but the desire to control and become more efficient at one’s work automatically led to technological advancements.
Difficulties that we experience in this life innately drives us to create technologies to protect and control the environment around us. Over the course of time we as humans will always increase our level of technology.

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