Saturday, August 16, 2008


With the new technology that exists today to interact between persons, there is now the opportunity to gather religious assemblies through long distances. Megachurches tend to form loose communities, and social ties are weak for a lot of people that try to integrate into these kinds of Christian churches.

A new form of church can now arise. The idea of the teleassembly is now possible. It is now time for the next generation of Christians around the world to begin to formulate assemblies within a digital environment to where the local church becomes something that does not necessarily have to exist.

There is no stipulation in the Bible that churches are to perform funerals or weddings, but it is rather out of 2000 years of tradition that these ceremonies are a function of churches. The only area in my thinking is in the way communion is taken, and baptisms are performed.
In general, the local church is no longer needed. Assemblies of believers can now congregate through teledigital means.

This does not mean the dissolution of local churches, but it also doesn't mean that they are required either. A broader communion of believers can now be formed without having to have a physical facility to house the worship that takes place.

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